Once upon a sketch.. March 1st Challenge

Journalling Criteria/Theme:

All About Me!

The focus of your journalling and the theme of your layout has to be based on YOU and the one thing that you are really good at. Don't be shy! We are all good at something as small or as big as it might be.


Ideas for journallingbeing a good mum, cooking, talking, understanding people, organising, cleaning, gardening, studying, computers, fashion, exercising, scrapbooking, good at my job, maths, languages, writing , drawing, painting, photography, running, ?

Remember that you are allowed to also create a card or altered project based on this sketch and theme and instead of the journalling criteria you need to use a quote.

So.. what did I choose to write about.. well.. it´s more of a wishful thinking I am good at..  I wrote about positive thinking. I want to be good at it. I strive to be an optimist, who sees the good in everything. I hope to be as much as I can. And so far, I am making quite a good job with it, when I have the energy for it.

Here is the sketch.. Read more over at Once upon a sketch..

And this is how my layout came out..

Happy scrapping!

Postat av: Nadia cannizzo

Awesome work!!! Love it! Keep on being positive!

2012-03-01 @ 12:26:06
URL: http://www.samnadia.blogspot.com
Postat av: LillBlomman

Så vacker Mahlin! Tycker om din optimism! Motgångar motas med en positiv inställning men ibland måste man bryta ihop för att kunna resa sig igen. Kram vännen!

2012-03-06 @ 16:52:06
URL: http://www.lillblommanskapar.blogspot.com
Postat av: Beate

For en herlig og fargeglad Lo. En skikkelig glad-lo!

2012-03-19 @ 21:29:38
URL: http://www.minlillescrappehule.blogspot.com
Postat av: Eila Sandberg

Dina vitaminpiller räcker långt min gullunge! Jordgubbsglass i stora lass, den första spirande vårgrönskan, härligt färggrann och tjejig. Ulrika har så himla rätt, ibland känns det gott att böla och snora för att sedan plocka upp bitarna och göra någonting riktigt wacko för egot. Heja Mahlin! xxxx

2012-04-01 @ 09:54:31
URL: http://www.dollopsofscrap.blogspot.com
Postat av: Sandra Scott

Lovely colours on your LO

2012-04-01 @ 13:15:16
URL: http://kiandra-kreations.blogspot.com.au
Postat av: Pam Ellis

I like the spin you did with the theme! Home is you I love it! Nicely done. TFS

2012-04-01 @ 21:41:59
URL: http://mybeaner.blogspot.ca/

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