For the love of dance

Pink Paislee is having a blog hop week together with Epiphany Crafts and today was my turn.
This is my debut on Pink Paislees blog and I made a layout about love (For dance.. ) making some cute embellies wiht the Epiphany Crafts tools..


To read more about how I made the background please visit Pink Paislees blog.

I used my Epiphany craft tool to make some cute accessories on my layout. First, I used I this tool to make a cut out from the pink patterned paper to enhance the pattern.


I thought the paper rosettes needed some standing out so I took some gorgeous Pink Paislee pink paper, made a bubble cap and added it on top of the pattern to make it match.

I also wanted some circles to my design..adding both chipboard pops from Pink Paislee and matching it up with 14 bubble caps from Epiphany crafts. I then covered these in white mist.

Because I use smaller photos, I wanted to emphasize it by using a bubble cap on the same photo but in color and picking out the details of the feet.

Don´t forget to hop on over to the Pink Paislee blog and leave a comment  for a chance to win!

Postat av: Malin Scheier


2012-02-10 @ 18:22:24
Postat av: Katarina

wonderful! underbart hur du använde dina EC produkter.



2012-02-11 @ 09:11:26
Postat av: Stine

Wow - Beautiful LO, love the bright colors!

2012-02-12 @ 13:52:56
Postat av: Christin/Umenorskan

Vilken debut !! Du rockar ju Pink Paislee !

2012-02-19 @ 22:25:57

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