Ok .. so I haven´t fallen of the face of earth.. I´ve just been moving.. again..  =o
I am so happy to announce that the November 1st challenge is up over at Once upon a sketch.. this is my first reveal.. wohoo =)
This is my take on the sketch ,
journaling critera:

This time you need to journal at least 2 SENTENCES on WHEN you started scrapping and WHY?

To see the sketch and read more about the faboulus prizes and how to enter... Jump on over to Onceuponasketch blog
and speaking of jumping.. have you seen that Bo Bunny has teamed up with Scor Pal for a blog hop?  Hop on over!

Postat av: Helene

Men åh så FIN, Mahlin!! Gillar verkligen allt med din sida!

2011-11-01 @ 20:03:59
Postat av: Jeni

Absolutely wonderful page Mahlin. Love your style so much. Gorgeous colours.

2011-11-02 @ 03:52:55
Postat av: Malin Scheier

Herre gud vad snygg LO!!!

2011-11-02 @ 09:00:09
Postat av: Cynthia Lloréns

Wow!!! This page is stunning so many gorgeus details , very colorful!!!This is my first time in here and I just love everithyng!!!You are such a very talented girl.

I wish a wonderful week.

Kisses and huges


2011-11-03 @ 05:21:29
Postat av: AnnaB

Suuuperduperfin! Hoppas att flytten har gått bra!

2011-11-03 @ 20:02:23
Postat av: Lisa Barrie

Im such a fan of all your work! This is another gorgeous page!

2011-11-04 @ 15:08:11
Postat av: Emy

Hi Mahlin. I am loving your work. It's so beautiful. We used to be on the Bubbly Scrumptious design team a while ago, and now we are both writing for Scrap365. I'm kind of overwhelmed to be on a team with someone as talented as you!

2011-11-05 @ 13:08:46
Postat av: LillBlomman

Hoppas att du landat lite efter flytten. Har ju saknat dina vackra alster som du bjuder oss så ofta! Denna är så cool och jag vill också våga blanda sååååå många färger på blommor! Ska bli min nästa utmaning! Så det så;) Kram!

2011-11-06 @ 20:56:28

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