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I bet most of you know I have a huge crush on Hamblys products.. ;) so of course I threw my hat in the ring when they had a call.. But.. it was not my year this time around either.. life goes on.. =)
So now I can go ahead and show the unseen layout for their call... I rarely work on a clear background but this was fun.. The trouble is to take a good photo of it ;)
and.. don´t miss out on the new Once up on a ...sketch challenge.. HERE

easy breezy beautiful cover girl

heh.. no.. haven´t been watching toooo much Top model.. (even if this All stars season is a FAV)..
I just wanna shout out that.. I´m actually a real covergirl... not only my layout.. it´s a photo of me .. hah.. that would make me a double up covergirl? =) This would be a one and only =) ...
I know the mag has been sent and UK-girls are recieveing .. I still have to wait some more for mine! I am so excited for this first issue.. and.. if you´re scandinavian and want to get your hands on a copy? Check out Mollys scrapbooking!
As seen on The scrap365 blog
Still unpacking boxes.. I´ll return to blogging as soon as .. life is sorted..


Ok .. so I haven´t fallen of the face of earth.. I´ve just been moving.. again..  =o
I am so happy to announce that the November 1st challenge is up over at Once upon a sketch.. this is my first reveal.. wohoo =)
This is my take on the sketch ,
journaling critera:

This time you need to journal at least 2 SENTENCES on WHEN you started scrapping and WHY?

To see the sketch and read more about the faboulus prizes and how to enter... Jump on over to Onceuponasketch blog
and speaking of jumping.. have you seen that Bo Bunny has teamed up with Scor Pal for a blog hop?  Hop on over!

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